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December 21, 2016
We reflect on the past year 2016 and all the blessings we have received.  We remember all our retirees & members who have passed away and keep their families in our thoughts and prayers.  We congratulate all the new retired employees who worked so hard for many years and now have their much deserved retirement!  On behalf of the retirement board and staff, It is with these thoughts that we would like to wish all our retirees and members a very Merry Christmas and a healthy... Read Full Article
December 9, 2016
Incumbent Peter H. Corr won re-election to the Taunton Retirement Board at an election held on December 1, 2016.  Corr, a retired police officer and a board member for the last 30 years, held off two challengers for a seat on the board – Fire Lieutenant Thomas A. Bernier and Deputy Fire Chief Michael Sylvia.  Corr received 468 votes, Bernier 147 votes, and Sylvia 129 votes.  Corr’s new 3-year term will run from January 1, 2017 thru December 31, 2019.  Member Corr... Read Full Article
November 2, 2016

An election will be held on Thursday, December 1, 2016 for the purpose of electing one board member to serve on the five-member Taunton Retirement Board for a term of three (3) years, said term to run from January 1, 2017 thru December 31, 2019.   

The following is a list of candidates running for election to your retirement board:

Peter H. Corr, Retired Police Officer (incumbent)
Thomas A.... Read Full Article
August 8, 2016

The term of current elected member Peter H. Corr will expire on December 31, 2016.  Therefore, an election will be scheduled for Thursday, December 1, 2016 for the purpose of electing one board member to serve on the five-member Taunton Retirement Board for a term of three (3) years, said term to run from January 1, 2017 thru December 31, 2019. 

All holding membership in the Taunton Retirement System may... Read Full Article
May 3, 2016
At a meeting of the Taunton Retirement Board on April 27, 2016, the Board discussed the FY2017 Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA).  After review of the system’s financial condition and improving funded status, the Board unanimously voted to approve a 3% COLA effective 07/01/2016 to retirees and survivors to be applied up to the first $15,000 of a recipient’s annual retirement allowance.  Eligible recipients will be those who retired or began survivor benefits on or before June... Read Full Article
April 6, 2016
The Taunton Retirement Board is seeking proposals from qualified firms to provide Pension Administration Software Services for the retirement system.

The RFP is available up to the proposal deadline via email request to Paul J. Slivinski, Executive Director at the Taunton Retirement Board:

The proposal deadline is May 12, 2016 at 3:00 p.m.  Late proposals will not be accepted.
February 25, 2016
Open Enrollment-Health & Dental Insurance/Flexible Spending Account/Voluntary Insurance Plans & Supplemental Retirement Planning.

Open enrollment for all employees who are eligible for Health Insurance will be conducted from March 24 to April 25, 2016.

Please download pdf below for more information.
October 19, 2015
The following is information about the upcoming Health Insurance Audit for the City of Taunton. This information only applies to employees/retirees who are part of the City’s Health Insurance Plan.

Click below for information pertaining to the Taunton Health Insurance Audit.
October 2, 2015
The City of Taunton has been notified that our health insurance enrollment audit will begin October 21, 2015. Shortly, all employees enrolled in the City's health insurnace will receive a mailing regarding this audit. The audit is required under M.G.L. c. 32B, section 26. The audit will be performed by HMS Employer Solutions. The City will implement all changes required by the result of this audit. We anticiapte that this process will go very smoothly. Thank you for your cooperation.
July 14, 2015
The Taunton Retirement Board voted to grant a 3% cost-of-living allowance (COLA) to all eligible retirees and survivors who retired on or before June 30, 2014.  The 3% COLA is included in the retirement system’s funding schedule and is predicated on good investment results which have come in at over 9% annualized since 1985.  The COLA is applied to the first $15,000 of the retirement allowance.  Therefore the maximum amount a pensioner can receive is $37.50 per month. ... Read Full Article